St. Marys last nite

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    I fished St Marys last nite and it was pretty bad. The water looks like green milk and smells bad.(like a used up hooker lol) Didn't see any dead fish. We caught nine fish all small 2# and less. We still weighed in our five best and had 9.4#:angry: Does anyone know where the big ones are in St.Marys I have fished there quit a bit and have never caught anything over 5 to 6 #. I know there are some big cats in the lake i seen other people catch and weigh in. So if anyone knows this lake and dont mind, let me in on some good spots PLEASE:big_smile::big_smile::big_smile:..........................
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    your right there are monsters in there.Have you tried the spillway?Theres a parking lot on the bottom side of the levy.Go there.Nice flats in there.Incase you didnt know back in the 70's blues were stocked in the lake aswell.So if your lucky you may catch one.Good luck