St Louis Visit, Thanks Grumper!

Discussion in 'Gateway Catfishing Club' started by GaryF, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    I had a great night on the Mississippi on Sunday night courtesy of the Grumper guide service. We launched from Plattin Rock, spent a little time castnetting for bait, and then headed for downtown St Louis. Seemed like everywhere we anchored we caught fish as we worked our way around and then back downstream. My best of the night was a ~25lb blue from the last place we anchored.

    It was good to meet Bill and Oklahoma, who were anchored next to us in the famous Death Barge for part of the night.

    We fished all night in Gary's boat, and then I headed out in mine for a little bit of daylight scouting and fishing, and a nice nap before driving home. Mostly I just drove around looking at sonar and marveling at all the water and how big the barges were. I did anchor up and fish a few more spots, but no fish were harmed.

    You guys have a heck of a fishery down there. We get big fish up this way, but we definitely don't see the numbers of fish that you do down there. And it's awesome to have a safe place like Plattin Rock to launch and leave your vehicle.

    I'll be back that way for the Gateway Classic at the end of August, and I now have a lot better feel for the fishing and water conditions, where to find bait, etc. A big thanks to Gary for getting me out there!

    FLOAT TRIP WILLIE Active Member

    St. Louis
    Im glad you enjoyed yourself here... That Grumper is a pretty cool guy, and he knows his way around the river... Looking forward to meeting you at the classic..

  3. Mr Okie

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    It was a pleasure to have fished with you and Grumper. I hope to see you again at the Gateway Classic and we can shoot the sheet with out having to holler from boat to boat.:wink: :wink:
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    Olgrumper is good peeps for sure Gary. Sorry I missed seeing you while you were in town. Glad you were able to find some fish. I'll look forward to seeing you at the Cabelas event in August.
  5. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    Thanks, everyone for the kind words.:wink: Gary, it was a pleasure having you in the boat. We found a few fish, but I didn't fufill my goal of getting you a good one! Seems like it never pans out that way though...(unless you name is Bill...):smile2: At least now you can go back to Kansas City and tell all the horror stories of all the damn barges around here. LOL. Looking forward to seeing you again in August. Hopefully Stratos man will come along as well!:wink: