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    I love the flatheads I/ve caught some real monsters fishing by the bank. Took my two sisters kids, grown men in their early thirtys,a few times and we never got a bite so i say , if we only had a boat we could really nail them. so ricky goes out and buys a 16,000 dollar bass boat and we been going out for over a month but hav/nt caught much of any thing. We been targeting blues and flat heads no luck .I like to think I know what I/m doing but being on a boat is a lot different than bank fishing. I just found this place the other day and been reading and see theres a lot to learn. I would like to meet some one who actually knows the local mississippi but would be glad to take any one out with us though. The way I see it fall is about here and the flatheads should really start biting the blues too but most of my experence is with the flatties.
    I would appreciate any thing on boat fishing a big river , especially for the big blues,thanks guys.
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    Far as I can tell you have already been givin some great advice from your other posts. The main thing is keep an open mind and try new things. It seems to me everyone has there own style when fishing the dikes. I like to fish above them about one real long cast from the dike. I'll spread my lines out from the corner to the tip of the dike. I don't know how big the dikes are on the miss. or if there above the water right now. All of our dikes are above water right now on the MO. so it's nice and easy to find them.

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    have you ever tried Baldwin lake in Illinois,I catch alot of blues and flatheads drifting over there,i to am from st.louis