St. Joseph River last night...

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    Went back out where I was last weekend, caught 2 more & lost another. Both smaller this time. Ironically the smallest flathead I've now caught ate the biggest bait I've put out so far, an 11 inch rock bass. This was the first time that I stuck it out all night too, first fish at 10:30 and the next one I caught was 5 am. What was neat is after I caught the first one, I put another rock bass on and cast it back as close as I could to where it was, and as soon as the sinker hit bottom, there was a fish on it. I felt him bonk it as I was tightening up the line, but he was coming upstream at me so I just followed him up, almost all the way to the boat before I set the hook. He pulled really hard for maybe 10 seconds and then just came off. I can't figure out how a fish could just get off like that unless he never ate the bait far enough to hook him from inside the mouth. Wasn't hooked good any way it goes. Did I give him too much time? The angle wasn't bad, that's why I waited, I was hoping he would turn so I'd have a better angle. Oh well, I guess you can't catch them all. Anyway, now that I've got my feet wet, how many times can I go to the same spot and catch fish? Will a bigger one just happen along or should I move? I'd like to target bigger fish but I'm not sure if they just come along at night, or I need to fish a different spot altogether. Or maybe just closer to the cover? I'm getting the hang of it now, but I need some fine tuning....

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