St. Joseph River - great day

Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by dusky, Apr 22, 2007.

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    Saturday... couldn't have asked for better weather, could we? Like most of you, I'm sure, I was out catfishing. The water temp was around 51 degrees in the St. Joes where I fished, and boy were they biting. I caught the most cats I've caught in one outing, 36. Plus a 15 inch largemouth, several bullies, and lots of some kinda fish with weird bumps on its snout. All on cut white sucker, fishing the heads of holes and snags. I've not had much luck with sucker until yesterday. Now I'm a believer. I wonder if it worked better yesterday than other times because suckers are really on the move this time of year. It was just a nice day and hope you have a chance to get out this week this weekend.
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    Glad to hear you did well. I went out on the White River Saturday and didn't have much luck. The surface temperature was 57 and the water was still a little high. It was still a great time to run the jet outboard over some skinny water ............Mike:big_smile:

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    hooterville indiana
    good trip bud! they are really hitting good at cedarvill dam on the st joe too Gary. drop me a line if you want to try it ill clue you in,shoot i mite tag a long. lol
    those fish with bumps are chreek chubs, great bait ,keep them and use them. they give off loads of cat attracting smell!!!!!!!

    tight lines to ya
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    Northern Indiana
    What parts of the St Joe do you fish Dusky? I fish the Osceola, Mishawaka, and a little Elkhart and have never caught that much on a night out....Have to try the carp, I had been using gills, and shiner.
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    The boy & I hit the Joe above Fort Wayne last Tuesday & Friday. Tuesday we got rained out & Friday we got peeed out...the boy would pee over the edge of the boat!!! What a day!

    Anyway, we caught a few each day before we headed home. Nice stretch of river for being so close to the city. I'll attach some pics once I find my USB cable to get them off my camera.