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    North Caro
    I'm visiting my in-laws here in Michigan, and fished St. Claire today. I caught 9 drum (my first ever). They were a lot of fun to catch on light tackle. Everyone was throwing them back, so I did as well. I noticed that there is no size or number limit on them. I assume that they are not good table fare? I don't believe that I'll get another chance to fish, but I really enjoyed my day at St. Claire.
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    Glad you caught something. Drum do put up a good fight. The only people that eat them are the Asians, Mexicans and blacks. I tried one once and is not choice table fare.

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    I've never caught a drum, but I bet there must be something that can be done with them to make them edible. Like carp, I used to fish for those, and I tried various ways to make them palatable, all failures, but it wasn't until I smoked them that I found the secret. But not just any carp, smoked summer carp from a muddy creek were bad, it was spring carp from a clean creek that turned out so well. Same thing with suckers, they are edible, maybe even an ingredient in some ethnic dish, but they just aren't good like catfish.