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squirrel hunting

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any squirrel hunters in central ohio
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PA squirrel hunter here .... cant wait for the season to open up gonna sight my .17 in soon

I'm up here in N.East Ohio.Pretty Psyched about this season.Squirrel bisquits and gravy,better than any venison in my opinion!Heck,now we're getting some gray squirrel up here finally.Hope you do well this season!!
I have been hunting squirrels for 53 years and had an experience last year that I never encountered before. My 16 year old grandson was stalking a squirrel and I was walking behind him. He pulled up and took aim on the squirrel. All of a sudden the squirrel comes plummeting to the ground. I though "dang" I must be going deaf as I didn't hear my grandson shoot. He turned to me and said "Did you see that?" The little gray then ran to the nearest tree and ran up the trunk about 10 feet and stopped. Before my grandson could take aim again, the squirrel fell to the ground. He then started to run along the ground with considerable difficulty. At that point my grandson shot and killed him. Needless to say, we did not clean and eat him. I know that Lyme's Disease can cause neurological problems in humans and still wondered if the squirrel was infected with Lyme's disease.
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That is very odd, I have been hunting them rascals for 35yrs and have never seen anything like that either. However, I did read in the newspaper here recently about a squirrel attacking a young boy and his dad. The story said the boy was riding his bike up and down their lane and the squirrel came down the trunk of a tree and chased the boy.The squirrel caught him and jumped onto his back biting and scratching him.The boy's dad tried to pull it off and it jumped to his chest and started to do the same.He managed to free its claws and slung it head first by the tail into a tree several times killing it.They are supposed to be doing some test on it to find out what caused it to act that way.If they are able to determine what was wrong with it I will post a follow up.
If your are Using that .17 There for Squirrel Make sure you Aim for the Nose. . Anywhere else and you are going to Tear Any Good Meet Apart on em.

I was using body shots when i bought mine. Couldn't Get a Decent Squirell to Eat until i Aimed for the Nose. .. Even there Darn near took the Head off.

Just a Friendly Piece of Advice For ya Bull_head
When those .17's came out I almost bought one for Squirrel hunting. I read some articles about the cartridge and kinda thought they might tear em up. Reminded me of a scaled down 22-250.
I sometimes use a .17hmr, and I only aim for the head. I also use .22 & .22 mag. I like the .17 when the leaves are all gone, and use it for those 75 to 125 yard shots, adding an extra challenge. I might add, the .22mag also does a tremendous amount of damage to meat. The only time I will take a body shot is with the .22.
I'm here in central Ohio, I plan to take my 10 yo out this year. He studied for his exam last year for 9 days and went and passed that bad boy. Proudest day of dad's life, other then when he was born. :D So he is leagal to pull the trigger now. I want to get him out there and see how he does, maybe get him a bow next for them deer.
Sounds like a plan. My son passed his teat and then didn't want to hunt last year since we got new female neighbors....LOL
Anybody find solid nose bullets for .17 HRMs? I'm like you, RedEye, anywhere but the head and you're lucky if even the hind legs are left. I do like to be able to knock them down at LOOOOOONG range, though. All I can find are the ballistic tip bullets, though. Got a feeling solid nose wouldn't be as destructive. I love using a .22, but I lived in upstate NY for 3 years and all they had was grays. Had to find a way to either closer to them or be able to bring them closer to me. Love my .17 down in the river bottom for big reds up in them big cottonwoods,though.
stolib you can find the solid nose bullets at most sporting good stores they are made by CCI and are just a little heavier than the ballistic tiped bullets but my savage shoots them pretty well
Looking forward to Huntn ol bushy tale this season in Wisconsin we have red ,gray,black Squirels. I usually use a shotgun early in the season with all the leaves on the trees.

got my first the other day. opens aug 1st in il. was walking down a line of trees to a pond to dove hunt. got me a bonus. the 12 guage really wasn't the best arm to use but it did the
I got two today with my singleshot 410. Went to check on a new deerstand and decided to sit a spell. About 10 minutes and out came 2 greys. Bam Bam and then I went fishing.

Is anybody else not seeing the amount of squirrels they did last year. I know last year we had a major downfall in acorns and other nuts. Ive asked neighbors and they said they havent been seeing many either.
Seems Like Thats A Good Way To Find Squirels. Go Sit In The Timber To Deer Hunt. Youll See Many Of Well Ya Went Prepaired.
anybody here hunt squirrels and rabbits with slingshots? im gonna be goin out in a week or so for some squirrels and wanted to see if im the only one usin a slingshot
you better have one heck of an aim flannelman. Those big greys are hard to bring down with a sling shot. I'm heading out this weekend if I get the chance. Its been too long since I did some good squirel huntin
When I was able to hunt I would squirrel hunt all the time .I do not hunt anymore. :D
I can't wait for the cold weather to kick-in down here in SC...My son has been putting the pressure on me to take him hunting, so we'll go out and shoot grandpa's ol' 12 gauge and get ready for squirrel season. He's five, and if all goes well and he takes to it, he'll start going with me this spring looking for those longbeards.
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