Squirrel dog?

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    Maybe this should go in Becky's story telling, but I have a story about a dog with a passion for tree rats. Not your ordinary hunting dog either. I had a dog named Sadie. She was a pitbull. Unfortunantly, she lived her life out, and died of natural causes several years back. I took her everywhere with me. Even took her hunting. Especially when I found out that she had a knack for squirrel hunting. I started out taking her out target shooting, but when I would shoot, she would run at me, and didn't understand what was going on. Not scared, but extremely curious about what I was doing. One day, while rabbit hunting, I took Sadie along to see if she would chase something up. This was no big deal because she never took to a leash, but wouldn't wander out of sight from me. Well, one day I decided to shoot a bird to see what she would do, and much to my suprise, she ran to the bird and picked it up, and brought it to me. She was squirming with pride and entheusiasm as she dropped it at my feet! I took her rabbit hunting several times, but she wouldn't trail them. If she saw one, she would chase it, but she wouldn't go out of her way to find them. I eventually took her squirrel huntung. At first, she just walked along side me, and did some sniffing around, but not really hunting anything in particular. That is until I shot a squirrel. When I did, and she saw it fall from the tree, she immediatly bolted over to it to inspect the carcass. Once she knew what I was doing, she began to locate them for me....like from long distance. She would run to a tree, and sniff around, and got all excited, and I knew there was a squirrel in that tree. It became unsporting because she could locate them from 50 yards away. She would do her routine of running to the tree, circling it, and pawing at the bark. I would just walk over, she would scare the rat to my side of the tree, giving me a shot. I've heard of Mountain Feist being good at hunting squirrels, but a pitbull??? I'm tellin' ya, she had a knack for it. Instead of sitting there quietly waiting for a squirrel, I would take a walk with her, and success was guaranteed every time. Sure miss that dog too.
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    Thanks For Sharein The story reps to ya,

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    Theres nothing better than a good squirrel dog. I have a couple of rat terriers and they just love to get after those tree rats.
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    My wife's cousin's in Florida raises catch dogs for hogs and they are "pits". Not like the ones I see around here! They have a little red female, named Little Red (duh), that is a wildcat on squirrels. I'm getting a pup from her, if she ever drops another small one.

    A quick funny story......
    Two years ago we went down to their house for a short vaction. We got to their home, they were still at the tire shop and told us to go around the back and through the gate cause the back sliding door was unlocked for us. I step around back and open the tall wooden gate and step in and shut it behind me. I turn around and there is ten of the biggest catch dogs that are just looking at me! I try not to show fear, but I failed and got a nasty bite! Their Pom came charging at my and bit me twice on the ankle. Little Red just came over and brought her toy for me to throw for her!


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    Pretty neat..Now if I can just get my mountain cur to do the same..:wink:
    A few years back I had a blue healer that would retrieve doves.. the funniest thing was if I shot and missed he would give me the weirdest looks..like..whats up with that???