Squirrel Dog

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Ohio_River_Rat, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Ohio_River_Rat

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    Charlestown, Indiana
    Ive hunted squirrel for years now but i never used a dog. Then last august i got a rat terrior and on the internet it says they make some of the best squirrel dogs. Anybody have any tips for training a squirrel dog
  2. ohiocattracker

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    Cincinnati Ohio
    Well i dont know about training one but i have two rats/fiest.The female i have is 4 years and she will tree about like coon dog does and she wont bark she whines lol when she trees.Then i have 3 year old male and he trees but looses intrest quick if squirel doesnt jump from tree to another he quits.But the female is real good about following them from tree to tree and she picked this up after about half dozen outings.When i was kid down home a lot of people had rats or fiest for hunting and barn dogs for rats and mice.

  3. Mathersm

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    Darbydale, Ohio
    My bro has a dog that hunts squirrels but the dog always tears em up and eats em himself.