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    Does anyone use squirrel calls and if so, how much luck do you have with them? I'm talking about the ones you can buy, not the "two quarters rubbed together" kind. I've used one in the past and it didn't increase my squirrel count at all. I did better just walking through the woods or finding a good looking spot and sit and wait em' out.
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    Lost Wages
    Ive picked more off with a pellet gun than anything else in my life. No calling here, just stalk and shoot. I havent done it in a long time as I'm here in a stinking desert. :eek:oooh:

  3. westvirginiacatfish

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    I have tried several of the ones that you can buy. Never seemed to have any luck with them. Best thing I found is to sit under a tree and act like a nut. LOL:smile2::smile2:
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    My call

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    I usually just use my hand to my mouth..

    No calls will call them up but they will settle them down...

    When you are walking in the woods and you see squirrels jump because your movement has disturbed them use the call and they will think it is another squirrel and they will settle down some but still be on the alert.. this gives you time to watch them and pick your time to get a shot.

    I also use this method while deer hunting... if I spook a deer I do the squirrel call and the deer settle back down.
  6. backwoodsman68geric

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    Ive used calls for years and would feel naked without them. Bark calls will of course make them bark and on occasion they will come running to you. Ive had them come on the run barking all the way too. Ive called them down trees out of the upper greenery with bark and distress calls. The distress calls work on reds and greys here. Bark calls usually doesnt help with greys, on occasion greys will chirp at'em, reds are our primary quarry here anyhow. Godson and I took our limit one Saturday last year with the calls. Tree rats we're cuttin hickory's, we set up in a grove that was producing nuts good and about 700am hadnt seen anything so we started calling barks and had our 10 limit in about an hour with 2 20 gauges. After you shoot or spook a squirrel if you give a few blasts on the distress and shake a 6-10"sapling hard they will sometimes bark and/or jump and make themselves known. Ive done the same thing with bark calls too and had'em give themselves up. Bowhunting in the early season Ive used bark calls to call in squirrels and to cover up noise's if i drop something etc. We take a few squirrels in the early bow season, now that's a challenge, miss way more then we get,lol. If you roll out an old sow sometimes you can hit the distress and take the younger one's that are hiding. ive done that more then I'd care to count. Drop an old sow and maybe not even see any others and hit the distress and shakea sapling and take one, two, even more without hardly taking a step.
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    I use an aluminum pan. first I fill it with whloe kernal corn then I take it to the table under my walnut tree and dump the corn on the table. I then bang on the bottom of the pan and listen carefully. Usually i hear the squirils scurring through the woods. As many as 50 will come. Then sometimes i hear the whosh of wings and i run away. 12 to 15 turkeys will converge on the table and if i am too close they will fly right into me. ever been hit by a 30 pound turkey.
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    Growing up in South Carolina, I had a call from Knight and Hale. It worked magic on the bushy tails. Over the years I lost it, and never was able to find one like it again. But now I am in Florida, and I have a call from Quaker Boy. I have used it in Croom and Chass with great success. A couple of barks, and a little shake gets them all worked up.
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    Pinson, Al
    I still hunt alone most of the time and do not use call much. I can not
    really see a difference in my kill rate if I use it or not. I try to be as quite
    as possible.