squirrel and rabbit hunting with 2 guns

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by cincycatman, Oct 20, 2005.

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    Well lately I've been hunting a state park with 2 guns, my .22 and my shotgun. .22 for the longer range if the squirrel is sitting still and the shotgun for if it's an obstructed or running shot. I told my Grandfather this and he swears up and down that you're only allowed to take one gun out with you and that I'm gonna get busted by a ranger but I've read all through the Hunting Regulations booklet and find no where does it say I can't hunt small game while carrying two guns. The only rule I've seen about carrying two guns was it said you can't do so while deer hunting and you can't carry a concealed handgun while hunting. I showed him this and he's still devout that I can only carry one gun afield and will get busted sooner or later... Anyone know for sure, I'm 99% sure I'm perfectly legal but don't want to run the risk of losing my guns and getting fined... thanks
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    The best answer that I can give is just call your local DNR and pose the question to them. I don't think you are in violation, but they are the authorities on that subject, and that way you are certain and not just taking someones word for it. It would certainly be a shame to lose your firearms as well as your hunting rights based on opinion rather than the law. The phone number is generally listed on your license and or the regulations hand book. GOOD LUCK!

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    Cincinnati Ohio
    Good point made by Hookeye would be a shame to loose your guns.Like he said call Ohio DNR and find out for sure dont take someones word for it because that could cost ya.Also Cincycatman where are you hunting what state park i was think about going up here and i dont know anyone with land up here to hunt on.I go back down home and hunt on my dad and uncles farms would like to find somewhere up here to hunt that they dont get to crazy at lol.
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    there is 1 season in illinois when you can legally carry a shotgun, a black powder, a pistol, and a bow. i just don't know how i would make it to my stand, or even stand at all, lmao
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    I squirrel hunt with a shotgun exclusively, and won't hunt with anyone that uses a rifle because bullets tend to riccoche' of of trees and could cause bodily harm or kill livestock that might be in the area. It is hard enough to gain access to these hunting places and if you put a rifle in the equasion it gets harder.
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    Donthink I have ever hunted with 2 guns but there have been many a time when I have hunted with one gun and brought my fishing pole with me. Course my local public hunting area has a small pond and a large creek running through it. Would be a shame to sit there and wait for a squirrel to show up and just stare at the water.
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    I have always used a 20 guage or a .410 for squirrels. I know a lot of people that use .22's but like Dreadnaught said, you don't know where those rounds are going to come down at and that ain't a good thing. I have never heard anything about carrying 2 guns either. Don't know why it would matter as you can only shoot one at a time anyway, but better safe than sorry. I would give em a call just to verify. Let us know what you find out.
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    i have a couple older savage combo guns that i use to use.one is a 410 shotgun with a .22 LR bbl on top,one is a 20ga shotgun with .22wmr bbl on top and the other is a 12ga shotgun with a .223 rifle bble on top....i use to use the 20ga/.22wmr for tree rats all the time and the 12ga/.223 is one heck of a coyote gun,00 buck for close rnage and .223 for long range.
    as far as being able to carry 2 guns here in IN it is legal but id take the advise above and contact your local DNR to make sure.