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Do Y'all Think That Squid Would Work Since It Has More Oil Than Shrimp .
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An older man I used to know from Tn used to tell me stories about fishin kittys and using squid for bait. He swore by it!
I've tryed it several times up here on the Delaware for channels. All I will say is ya can have my share of the bait if ya want it. LOL Not very productive at all.
i tried it last night and no takers so u took out my cast net and caught shad and had a great night 4 fish =ing about 100lbs 2 flats and 2 blues



sometimes i use squid in the middle of the bay when after cats we do catch fish but compared to other baits it is hardly worth the effort.
I used squid this year and didn't get a bite all day with it . I thought it would do great because of the smell, but nothing.
Thats What I Thought Also Ken But In 4 Hrs The Squid And Shrimp Did Not Work I Wish I Would Have Realized It Earlier In The Night Because I Would Have Probaly Caught More Fish If I Just Used Shad
But Thats Why They Call It Fishing Not Just Catching

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Hey bluecat i dont know about squid but shrimp work very well for me. You have to make sure its fresh becasue for some reason they dont hardly bite on them once they start to get that perculiar odor to them. Altough i have used shrimp that have went "bad" with some occasional sucess. Make sure they are raw small to mid size ones with the tail on. Btw Katfshn where in the delaware you fish I myself live in Philadelphia. Yes there are catfish in Philadelphia for those that maybe wondering. :)
I've had squid work once out of about 15 tries. Have stopped fooling with it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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