Squealing abu garcia

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by jlingle, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. jlingle

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    Anybody know what the heck is wrong with this reel? I used it on a trip to Alaska for king salmon (all fresh water) a couple of years ago, and now it squeals like a pig when I cast it. Is it just worn out? Need to be lubed up by a pro? I can't figure it out. It works just peachy, but it sure sounds funny.
  2. EsoxJohnny

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    This is a common problem with Abu's. Usually a good cleaning and lube will take care of it. It's a pretty common occurance in damp or foggy conditions and usually goes away after several casts anyway.

  3. griz

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    Check the brake blocks, if they are worn it will make the reel squeal when casting.
  4. s_man

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    Take that bad boy all the way down and wash with a toothbrush (soft) hot water and DAWN. They aint meant to squeal. Then put a light coat of oil on all the parts that were formerly caked with grease, and just enough grease on the brass gear to get it lubed all round. It will cast and retrieve better and feel faster.
  5. Tiny

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    if it's functioning properly and just makes this sound when you're casting it it's most likely the brake blocks that have become a little loose on the pins and if the brake drum is super dry and the blocks are dry they'll make a racket ... I oiled my brake blocks with light oil as they'd start sqealing pretty badly if they were dry when I casted long distances. that's the only thing I've ever had to make any noises while casting other than a time I had used 3in1 oil on my bearings and burnt one of them or it locked up and the shaft started turning inside he inner race and turned the bearing and spool shaft blue it got so hot but I doubt that's what happened on your's since it's reeling in just fine. check the brake blocks and if there's some sideways wobble to them replace them and put a drop of oil on them ... go a little bigger when using oil on them also if you're talking about a 7000 ... if it's an older reel like an old 5000 they also have the round pegs on them and you can use a little bit bigger brake blocks on them but if they're the flat pegs like in the newer 6500's then I don't think they make different sized brake blocks. you can get an assortment pack of brake blocks from hatterasoutfitters.com in the reel candy link ... abugarcia.com may have the assortment set also that you can purchase but the ones that have the flat pegs you'll have to use the same size that was on it originally. if they're just dry and causing the squeal then you can us something like 3n1 oil or some sewing machine oil on them to stop the squealing and there won't be much of a difference in the way they operate and they'll cast a lot smoother like that as well. if you put oil on them you'll need to get used to the faster reel so don't just rip one out there right off the bat ... kind of get a feel for it by making some short casts and have your thumb lightly riding on the spool ... not the line. you can control the reel's fluff a lot better by using your thumb on the side against the spool because it won't make the backlash or fluff worse ... if you use your thumb to lay across the line that will actually cause the backlash to blow up on ya by you holding or hitting the fluff with the thumb because it's like retarding the fluffed up line and not the spool and making it either throw a half hitch in the line and causing a breakoff or a pretty nasty backlash. if you're distance casting this reel on a 10 ft or longer rod you'll also have a lot better control by keeping your thumb over to the side of the spool instead of holding it on the line itself during the cast. hope this helps.
  6. dinkbuster1

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    i am 99.5% sure its your spool bearings. a freind of mines abu was doing the same thing this summer and i took it appart and heavily oiled the bearings with quantums "hot sauce" reel oil. it cast's like new now! your no doubt going to have to replace the bearings at some point but a good oiling will work wonders for now.
  7. fishhook

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    Squealing usually means some parts on your reel are dry, not knowing whether its bearings or bushings, just clean and lube.
  8. Arkansascatman777

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    That's usually just your reels way of saying Earlme Earlme:lol: .
  9. surfchunker

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    could be dry bearings or it coould be unbalanced spool .... line not laid correctly on the spool ........