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Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by MRR, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. MRR

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    I live in a mobile home and the kitchen floor is driving me bonkers. Everytime you walk in a certain spot the floor squeaks.Very annoying to listen too.It's 01 model and has done it from day one but now it is getting worse.
    Any ideas as to what is causing this and, and easy way of solving the problem.
    All suggestions will be appericated. Thanks in advance.
  2. CountryHart

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    John, if it's always done it i would think they didn't nail a joist good, or a piece of the decking wasn't nailed down good. This is only a guess. If you have someone who can step on the squeak, ya nite get under it and find the joist or decking seam thats loose.

  3. peewee williams

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    John.Find the squeaky spot from below.Put a stout piece of timber (4x4?) across the spot.Jack it up to apply a very slight pressure to keep the floor from giving.Walk on it.If the squeak stops,just support this spot with something permanent.I know this has worked as I helped a friend do it once.I hope it will work for you.Do not bulge the floor.

    I love you Brothers and sisters.peewee
  4. 1sporticus

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    Hi John, what I would do is find the squeak from underneath, do like peewee said and raise is up some. When you get it up a little shoot some good caulking or construction glue in the crack and then let it back down. We always did our flooring this way just so we didn't have the squeaking noise. Later Andy
  5. Duckpoor

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    Your problem is probably already solved but just in case ...
    Most of the floor squeeks I have worked out came from edges of the flooring sheets . Old carpenter showed me a trick . By boaring a 1/4 hole almost all the way thru the sheet , right in the joint, you make a path for construction adheasive out of a caulking type tube. Forcing the glue in a couple places in that manner and some short, course threaded wood screws right in the joint seem to stop the movement and fix them permanatly.

    Hope that helps.

    R Green