Spyderco knives?

Discussion in 'Hunting Gear Talk' started by bw69r, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. bw69r

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    anyone ever use them and do you like them. have heard they are very sharp and hold up well.
  2. BIG_D

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    i have several of theam thear not to bad thear kinda cheap but for a bait cuting knife or light work thay are ok not much of a skinning knife for deer thay holde a edge fair it realy just depends on what you are going to use it for but in my open all knifes are junk now days that stainless took over if you can get your hands on a old old timer thay are the best in my book hope this helps

  3. whisker maniac

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    all stainless steel is not the same. Some stainless is really good. If you can find knives that use a 460 grade or above you will find a good knife but you will pay for it.
  4. whisker maniac

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    Most of your knife manufacturers have given up on quality to preserve price to the consumer.

    There are still good knives out there that are being manufactured and they are using stainless steel. A lot of people think they have found a good knife when they find one labeled 440 stainless. These are just decent knives at best and while they are better than the knives you find that are just stamped with stainless on the blade there is better quality steel still out there you just have to read and investigate.

    Besides the grading of 440 and 460 there is also a letter grade that you will sometimes find beside the numbers. If you find a 460A stainless stamped on the blade you have found gold.
  5. Snagged2

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    Savvy info there,,, 440 C is good blade steel when properly heat treated. a blade marked just 440 may not give the service you'd like...

    I like to use blades made from D-2 steel, it's a tool steel used to make tools!
    Also, if you just have to have a "stainless" 154-cm isn't too bad.. It SURELY depends on the heat treating. D-2, A-2, O-1, 1095, all good stuff...D-2 being the better of those.. Holds the edge quite a bit longer.

    Also, like you mentioned, you usually have to Pay for that type quality. The spyderco knives, which I've owned a bunch of, seem overpriced for what you get.

    Kershaw usually has good steel, Most working USA made knives are good, Queen, Robeson, Some CASE, especially if you get the tool steels or carbon blades.
  6. ozzy

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    Ive carried a Spyderco Rescue for many years. I dont use it tho, its a defense knife. I carry a junk knife for a third hand.
  7. Katmandeux

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    Spyderco makes some solid, medium priced knives, with mid-priced steels; they also make some high-end stuff that is very good. You get what you pay for.

    Here's a short article on the various steels in general use by knifemakers:

  8. catfisherman369

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    I have a Spyderco Volpe that I use alot . It is 690 European steel worth around 170.00 dollars that I wouldnt part with for nothing in the world . Like all things you have to try a few differents things before you like one and there are millions of knives . I would say if you are happy with it that is all that matters
  9. MichaelP

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    Stainless. For those that like a knife that will hold a mediocre edge forever. its nice and shiny, but get used to sharpening it.
    I prefer a good carbon steel. Holds an edge and if the blade discolors, so what.
    Ive had several spydercos and they are an ALRIGHT knife for the money.
    Dont get a serrated knife if you ever plan on using it. The serrations are really impossible to sharpen well and you cut down on the blade life.
    I would recommend one of the old cold steel twist locks in the carbon steel that camillius made. You can get one on Ebay for 30-50 bucks if you look around.
    Heres what they look like.
  10. katfish ken

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    I have a friend who makes some knives from time to time and he uses Damascus steel. They are some fine knives all straight hunting style knives.
  11. massa_jorge

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    for the carbon steel discoloring problem, i take gun bluing to it. it will make your blade black but i think it looks better. i have been through 2 schrade sharpfingers and never had any rust problems.
  12. Txbluecatman

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    I own several spyderco knives. I really don't like there serrated blades. But there plain blades are hard to beat. Matter of fact my favorite of them all is the Spyderco Centofante 3, http://spyderco.com/catalog/details.php?product=24

    It's ergonomic, I can cut with it for long periods of time with out my hands getting tired. Its extremly light weight. Matter of fact there are times that I will forget that I am carring it. The blade will hold a SCARY SHARP edge for a long time.

    I have used it now for my everyday carry knife for several months now. The VG10 steel is probabaly some of the best blade steel I have ever used. I have used this knife for everything from cleaning a couple small pigs, cutting rope, and anything else that might come up.

    I have owned several of the higher end knives like, Benchmade, Kersaw, Pro tec, and a few customs. IMHO nothing comes close to the performance I am getting from my spyderco Centofante 3.