Spun prop, or something else?

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by cantstopgrandma, Nov 23, 2009.

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    I was in a boat last weekend where the prop hub spun and it took us 4 hours to go 7 miles. Made me want to get a spare prop for my boat, but haven't had the money yet. Well I took my boat out friday, and now mine is acting funny. I went 3 miles and all of a sudden my motor revved up and acted like i had spun the hub. When i let off, the motor started going again with no problem. It happened several times, i would slow down and occassionally check the prop, then take off again. The weird part was that i could take off full throttle and it go like a bat outta hell with no slippage. My question is, could leaves in the water cause this problem? There were a lot of them floating around in this particular river. I have a 2006 model year (bought new in '07) yamaha 25hp 2 stroke on a 1448 flatbottom jon. Me and my life jackets and boat cushions were the only thing in the boat, and i wasn't going full throttle or anything, just cruising along. Your thoughts boat gurus? Should i suspect the prop, or try a different area with less leaves? Another prop is on my list of "must haves", but with Christmas and bunch of other stuff, money is tight right now.
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    Mark the center of the hub with a marks alot all the way to the outside and try again and see if the marks line up when it happens again. I would try it in a cleaner water because I have has leaves do that to my 16 h/p