spun prop or messed up gears?

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by daniel-delarosa, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. daniel-delarosa

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    seminole, oklahoma
    My boat revs high but barely moves. People I know are telling me different things. Some say spun prop, others say gears in lower unit are trashed. I changed the oil in the lower unit and there were no metal chunks in it. so I'm thinking spun prop, what would you guess?
  2. river_runner_85

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    Kansas City, Missouri
    We just had the same problem with our boat. Took the prop off and went to a prop shop. They fixed it within 5 min. We have a 70 hp motor and it was $45. Put the prop back on the boat and went out fishing yesterday. Boat ran like it was brand new. So with my experience with spun props, it sounds like you are having the same problem. If I were you I would call around to different places and see what they charge. When I called around I found out that some of the dealerships send the props out to the exact same place we wound up going. I hope this helps you out. That is what it sounds like you are having.

  3. rrssmith

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    check the shear pin? I dont know if that could be it or not but it could be worth looking into
  4. Johnboy1975

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    Jeff mind if I ask which shop you took your motor too? Do they just fix props or the whole engine??? Thanks in advance....
  5. Brentkeele

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    Nokomis, Illinois
    I am no bubba, but I would put my money on a spun prop. You didn't say what kind of motor you have. If you spun the prop, then it did it's job. Apparently there was significant resistance against the rotation of that prop at one point. The hub of the prop has a "clutch" type of design in it that will enable it give way instead of trashing the gears in the lower unit when it encounters this kind of resistance. I spun a prop this summer when I got mine caught up in a bunch of weeds. Instead of taking the prudent route out of the mess, I thought I would just power through them. Within a very short time, the motor would rev freely but locomotion was minimal. What is taking place when this happens is that the prop shaft is able to spin at a much higher rate than the prop does because the prop is slipping.

    I hope this helps. If any of the info I gave here is not accurate, then please someone (maybe bubba) could correct me.

    Good luck!!:wink:
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    Cartersville, G
    i just got through with spinning my hub. cost me 113 dollars to get a new prop mine was wore out bad and needed a new one. if the lower unit gears are messed up when you put it in neutral and spin the prop you will hear alot of crunching and stuff you dont want to here. hope this helps