spun hub?

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by delbert bumbleshoot, Jul 23, 2008.

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    hey guys tore up a bunch of things on my boat going through some shallow water and rocks and trees Saturday night. How do you know if I spun the hub on my outboard. It did get us back to the boat ramp coughing and sputtering. But sure didn't seem right would rev and rap out every time you would try to give it more gas. Almost felt like it was slipping out of gear into neutral and then I would back off the throttle and it would seem to catch again.Will try and run it in a garbage can tonight and see what happens. Maybe old gas. It's an '85 Johnson 25 horse electric start short shaft.Was having a problem with fuel tank pickup before and they replaced it.Am trying to avoid driving 75 miles each way to the dealer I bought it from.Wastes a whole day I could be fishing as well.Any Ideas?
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    Take the prop off and take a marks alot and make a mark from the inside of the hub all the way across to the outside and reinstall, When it slips again remove and see if the marks line yup if they don't take or send it to a prop shop to have it reworked.

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    mark it while still on motor put in gear or hold flywheel and step on prop to see if it spins