Springfield Lake in Illinois

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    Going to be in Springfield this weekend and would like to know where I could bank fish for some kittys on Springfield Lake and maybe meet some brothers there.:smile2:
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    Collinsville, IL
    There are at least four spots that I can think of right off the top of my head. There's the east side of the dam (deep water, lit up at night), and beach park? (on the south side of long bay drive, adjacent to the bridge. There's a boat ramp here, and several docks. This place is also lit up at night, and is on the shallow side of the lake.)

    On the west side of the long bay drive bridge is a parking area that allows access to the water under the bridge. The channel runs between the second and third bridge pillars from this side of the lake. This place is not lit up at night, so you'd need a lantern if night fishing.

    There's also a spot that's kind of hard to find if you're not familiar with the area: Marine Point Park. It's straight south of UIS and LLCC (check google maps). It's at the end of a very long dead end road. It's not lit up at night either, but there is some shallow water here which would be good for fishing at night.

    I've had most of my luck at beach park at night.

    If you need anything else, just ask. :big_smile:

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    there is also a spot that is just north of the lindsay bridge that we always refered to as the sail boat launch, its also just north of the public beach, I believe that there is a regulation that requires you to be at least 100 feet from a residential lot when fishing and on the east side of lindsay bridge there is a spot like this that goes out on a huge point by long bay
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    i would go to marine point, also called hickory point by llcc