Springfield lake dam

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    we went out a few days ago, cause some guys were telling us of early morning flatties ranging from 5 to 10 pounds, we went out i was using dead shad, and chicken livers, i got a few big hits but when i set the hook it was like they werent there, i would reel in and still have my bait and every thing, we ended up catching 11 channels ranging from 3-11 in, we threw them all back, please if you fish springfield lake near the dam/powerplant, give me info on best time,bait,rigs,ect, also if i were to find some 5-10lb flatties would a 7ft MH spinning combo with 20lb cajin line be enough??? all info is appreciated
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    I'd switch your bait to a large shiner, nightcrawlers, leeches, or a live bluegill. I'd also either fish right at first daylight or evening and after dark. Fish near the bank in about 3-10 feet of water near any kind of fallen brush or structure. I'd think that rod combo would work fine but I'd use at least a 7/0 hook for flatheads. Good luck! Chris