Spring Break on Moultrie

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    I had a couple of local kids out for a couple of days this week. We had a good tme but the fishing was slow and no big fish to be had. Fished tuesday all day and caught 11 fish with the biggest a 9lb channel cat. Wasted alot of time on the shallow water bite but it never happened so we moved out deeper and caught all of our fish in 25-40ft deep. Out of 11 fish 5 were blues and 6 channels.

    Thursday I had 4 kids and they were troopers. The wind BLEW and the waves were tough but they wanted to stay out and fish. We caught 18 fish but still nothing over 8lbs. They each got to reel in plenty of fish and they were still very scattered. Caught fish in 25-40ft deep mostly on cut white perch. We also caught a ton of white perch and they really had fun catching them and I have a bait tank full of them.
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    Thanks for the report James, no doubt kids that want to fish will hang in there alot longer sometimes than us adults will...lol Glad yall got on some fish