Spray attractants?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by mrhookset, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. mrhookset

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    Hey guys,
    I was at walmart the other day and I saw this small purple bottle that said it was the same scent created from an injured shad and that it would attract the catfish. Shad Oil? Has anyone used this product and does it work?
    It was about 5 dollars a bottle. I thought about trying it but figured I would ask first.

  2. bluehunter

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    My deal on cats is that nothing beats the natural and you can pretty much get your own oil trail going with cut baits.

    Now if you are mixing up dough baits or artificials than using the oils and spray can add for addded attraction, but I do not really see a point adding it to cut baits.

  3. catfish_jordan

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    good for bass but not sure for cats tho.
  4. laidbck111

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    Brian hit it on the head. If you can get shad in your area there is a great way to render your own shad oil and it's practically free. Check out the library. All you really need is bait fish, salt, old cooler and a mason jar with lid.
  5. rcneman

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    I have made my own attractant using the info in the library.

    I have used both shad and skipjack to make the "oil". Skipjack seemed to work a bit better, but the shad oil increased hits as well.

    I used this oil on crankbaits and jigs, mostly fishin for species other than catfish and it works well. Only real problem is don't want to let your lures "soak" in the attractant due to the high salt content...it will rust your hooks/jigs almost overnight...:crazy: :angry:

    As far as using it for catfish....well if your usin cutbaits they have a strong scent on their own and any other 'foreign' scent could possibly detract from the scent of the cutbait...just my opinion.

    I have played around with different scents, both oils and pastes, for a few years now. They can certainly increase your hook-up rate at times, but i have had a few times that certain scents decreased hook-up rates.

  6. TeamWhiskers

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    You will find if you cook out the oil it will work better than salting it down. It is much like cooking out bacon greese. Get it hot enough just to cook out the oils and skim it with a spoon to another jar. Then the oil will seperate from the water and strain it again. Definately do outside is the best advice.. Then use the mush for chumming or doe balls.
  7. KnotGillty

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    A company called Procure makes a shad oil made solely from ground up shad. It's not a spray however. It's a squeeze bottle type.

    Another product called Bang is made in a spray can (like hairspray) and they have many different scents. They also have a Bang shad spray that I've used before with success.

    I usually start out with unscented baits on each trip. If the fishing is slow I will put on some shad scent on my bait of choice. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've caught channel cats over 20 pounds using shad scents on cut makerel.

    I try to keep my options open. The day I think I know it all and begin to believe there is only one way, is the day I begin to fail. For goodness sake, think outside the tackle box. If the normal isn't producing, try something else. Be versatile and don't be afraid to try new options or techniques.

    May your 2007 be filled full of oversized fish! ! !
  8. Shortbus1

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    I can't seem to find it any more and I also can't remember the brand but Wal-Mart used to sell a catfish spray that was red. I've seen days that fishing with four people (eight lines total) and three of us was putting it on the liver and catching cats on both sides of the guy not catching anything and he wasn't using the spray. I wish I could remember the brand and find more. It was in a flat looking bottle.
  9. I've used that Baitmate they sell at Walmart for catfish...it works ok.
  10. Mickey

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    I note that this is an old thread. Get you a bottle of menhaden oil. It will work well for you on adding sent to cut bait.
  11. jeff washington

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    used bang on nightcrawlers,it seemed to help lettin frozen skipjack soak in some overnight will use it heavily in the morning on the river if it works well will let u know
  12. Espiritdecorps79

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    I mostly bank fish and for me sprays have really never worked. If it did, I attributed it to the cut baits scent. The sprays now have alot more oil in them now but to me the scent fades quickly. I did a demonstration for my buddy using a bowl and the sink. I sprayed some stink on a piece of cotton and put it in the bowl and ran water in the bowl to act as current and the sray was gone within less than 5 min. The cotton ball still smelled like the spray but the trail was gone. I for one will not be pulling my bait out of the water every 5 min. to re-spray. Just my 2 cents.
  13. brinley45cal

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    i think your talking about the baitmate.the catfish kind is red.i got some but never caught anything with it around here,but every place is different.
  14. TonyInKS

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    I bought a small bottle of the Team Catfish Dead Red blood spray, it truly does look like blood, and I've heard other guys say it works well. To me I would think you would almost have to let your cut bait marinate in the sprays over night for it to absorb and work well, I've used the blood spray a few times and seems like it washes off almost immediately when it hits the water, I don't think the spray hurts your chances but for just spraying it on there before casting out(like I do, lol) I don't really think it would add much to your bait. I do intend on trying to catch some shad or asian carp soon and properly preparing them for cut bait with my vacuum sealer and soaking the chunks with the blood spray before freezing them, I think that might work well.
  15. TonyInKS

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    I have to give my mom injections of benadryl, and I came up with the idea to keep one of the used syringes in my tackle box. Last weekend I used it to inject dead red blood spray into my cut bait, that was pretty impressive, the cut bluegill was SATURATED with blood after that. Just sharing what I came across, if you know anyone that has diabetes get one of their old syringes and give it a try, just be careful not to get caught by the cops they might think you're a junkie, lol.