Spotted bass

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    I know it aint catfish. But I was out at lake lanier and tried for catfish for about 3 hours in the morning till I gave up and put on a baby fat rap(gold deep diver) And hit my first ever spooted bass on the thrid cast from there on I put the cattin gear back in the car and walked the shore line for the next seven hours In the flowery branch area and killed them till dusk. Final count was 19 biggest was about 16 inches but on a five foot ultra light they all felt like 5 pounders. Cool little fish with a lot of fight Im gonna head out for them again tomorrow and see if the fishing is still the same. They tell me they will be spawning soon so I want to cash in before the slow period
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    spots will usually spawn before the largemouth do. usually when the water temp reaches about 60 degrees.i use tubes,jigs,drop shot worms and carolina rigged lizards and do pretty well. you may know that spotted bass have a single tooth patch on their tongue, where black bass and florida strain have none.this helps identify the species. good luck,