Spots Near Greencastle

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    Dayton, Ohio
    Hey, I was wondering for any tips on fishing spots near Greencastle. I am a student and catfisherman from not as familiar with the area. I know Lake Monroe is down near bloomington, but thats really about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Especially info on the White River and easiest way to access and bank fish. Thanks
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    Cagles mill is not far from you. It is also know as cataract. There is some huge Flatheads and Channels in this lake. There is a upper and lower falls a lot of people fish from the bank here. You can google cunot and there a boat ramp here and some good bank fishing as well. To find the falls go to cunot and there signs directing you to the falls. You also have cecil harden also know as racoon lake some decent channels and flathead.
    The white river the martinsville henderson ramp is not to far form you and theres also one in waverly. The IPL dam on state rd 67 has some bank fishing there is also some banking fishing just south of the dam where state rd 39 meets 67.