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    Im interested in opinons you guys have on different brands of spot lights. Personally I cant find a well made product. I will never waste my money on an optronics night blaster. I have 3, none of them lasted more than 2 months. I had a Thor cyclops 10 million Candle Power I luved it untill it quit working after the 1st season?? It was heavy but the extra light was nice at times. I thought brinkman made a good one. After haveing 2 1 million CP last 4 years of punishment. I bought a new brinkman 3 mil cp in Aug from wallmart not impressed with the brightness or the durability. What works for you guys??
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    North Caro
    If you have an Advance Auto around , check out there 20 million candelwatt spotlight . It's very reasonably priced and tough , i've had mine going on 2 yrs . It has a 2 yr warrentie and all the part's for it are " in house " . Also it has a low beam and high beam - on high beam you can see a mile or two down the river ... I want to say there $35.-$40.00 .
    Hope this helps ....:wink::big_smile: