Spoonbill and Poachers

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by Tulcat, Mar 16, 2006.

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    For those who are not familar with Spoonbills, the eggs in the females are highly valuable and equally highly illegal to sell in most states. Because of the egg value, Spoonbills are a frequent target of poachers. It used to be real bad problem in Oklahoma, but seems to have gotten better lately in some areas.

    But in the past I have seen my share of people boating more fish then their limit, which I view as stealing from me, and the other fisherman of the state, not to mention making it harder for me on the next trip to catch a nice fish.

    So this year I have taken two steps to do my part, one fun and the other serious.

    For the fun one, at the Tulsa Boat Show while I was visiting the Game Warden booth, I bought their ultra-cool hat, which is the green in color with an outline of the state and says in big letters "Oklahoma Game Warden", and then in much smaller print below "official booster". It is a riot. I wear it sometimes and have people who have known me for years say "I didn't know you were a game warden", LOL. I should have fun wearing that around the ramp as we clean fish and see what others are bringing in. I expect at least one person will call me Sir when I ask if he caught anything ;)

    For the serious part, today I programmed into my cell phone several of the game warden's cell phone numbers for the area where I'll be fishing. So for the 2 guys running the snag line that I saw a few years ago with about 8 fish in your boat, if I see you doing that again I am reporting it. For the guys who catch the big females and split them open onsite to claim the eggs and dump the rest of the fish into the lake, I am calling if I see you do it.

    I hope other BOC members do their part to protect their local fish and fisheries.
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    LOL, good for you! I hope you don't have to use those #'s though!


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    More power to ya. We have regulations for a reason. I know my local game wardens numbers.
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    Me too!

    I would prefer for everyone to obey the game laws!

    But I'm still looking forward to wearing my hat...as it does say booster and it is not my fault if their eye doesn't make it past the word warden before their thoughts are clouded with issues like "did I crimp the barbs", "do I have my license", etc...

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    well im glad someone is stepping up.

    ive only had to step up once myself and i know you guys will laugh but it was for bass, i was fishing in a small local pond and saw a guy targeting all ther big bass on there spawning beds and thats not great but at least its legal but then he kept them! (especialy on a small pond the pond could be out fished within 2 weeks) so i walked over their and told him ether let those fish go or ill call the game warden. well i should of called the game warden before i talked to the guy because the guy picked up his fish and left. at least i havent seen him back
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    :thumbsup: Two thumps up to you Tulcat for doing your part to make sure their are spoonbill to snag in the future. You're right, they have cracked down on poachers better now then they did in the past, but an extra set of eyes always comes in handy. Wish I had time to get out this weekend and snag, maybe next weekend...Good luck this snaggin season
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    I dont think most people have any idea, how much harm is being done from poaching! True, there are some dumb laws, but there are many in place for a darn good reason! I know that in some circles, poaching is a way of life and they think nothing of it, nor would they care if they even knew the damage that is being done! I went to court with my dad awhile back, because he forgot his license. There was standing room only in the court room and the lobby and most were there for too many rods and no license, but many were there for too many fish and under sized fish! I have heard (hearsay)of many stores and restruants that buy fish from so called "sportfisherman". I know they buy under sized fish too! I don't know specifics and dont want too! Could get you hurt!