Sponge and stink bait

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by barrenriver katman, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. barrenriver katman

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    anyone use it how is it fished sitting still or reeling it like artificial bait like to try it some time if i learn more about it
  2. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey Tony, I generally just throw it out and fish it like it was liver or a piece of cut bait. Do a search for Looper Rigs or Danny King punch bait and you will find all kinds of ideas on stink bait. Hope this helps.


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  3. Ahquabi_Master

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    You can definitely catch fish by just dipping the sponge in the dip bait then letting it sit. I don't think you'll catch very many cats by reeling it in as if it were a bass lure. You should also look into some tubes and such to hold more of that nasty stuff. Good Luck.
  4. steveg442

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    i have been using sponges this year for the first time and i have found that you need to let it set. The lake where i've been using it i don't even set my pole down. i watch for a change in the line and then set the hook. I made my own sponge cutter by taking a piece of 3/4" copper pipe and sharpening one end. I put it over the sponge and hit it a couple of times with a hammer. I put them on a # 4 treble hook. it been working great.
  5. Desperado

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    Just letting it sit is good. But after about 20-30 mins. just move around and find them. When it hits the water with in mins. the cats know it is there.
  6. shotdemducks

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    dip it and flip it. DK's works good from what Ive heard. Ive use SONNYS and it works well also.

    CATFISHPAT New Member

    I like to use Hog Wild with a sponge and I let it sit there.If you dont get a bite with in 4 or 5 min then move it ..........
  8. Taliesin

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    I just started using Super Sticky stink bait and I think it is best to let it sit, or don't move it very far. That smell will basically chum the area so the cats will start moving from farther and farther away. Rebait and recast every 15 minutes, but if you haven't had a bite in 30 minutes, it is time for a move cause the cats just aren't in that area.

    I found a lake nearby that the channel cats just plain won't bite on cut bait (bluegill, shad, creek chub, anything) so I tried some of that stuff and it does catch them. Took a couple of them home and they are some SMELLY cats to clean. I'll use the stuff to catch cats again, but I don't think I'll keep any more of them. You are what you eat, and if that catfish thumbs it's nose at real fish and goes for stinky stuff instead, I don't think I want to eat it.
  9. SubnetZero

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    Been using Sonny's for years and years... This season, finally got some DK Punch bait.. Hard to beat a good Stink Bait if your after Numbers.. Expect most all the cats to be channels 10# and under though. Least thats what I've found

    For Dip Baits, such as Sonny's, I've pretty much tried every sponge/tube/worm/holder I could get my hands on over they years. I can say without a doubt, a Looper Rig is by far the best thing for Dip Bait.. Hold the most and the longest.. PLUS!! you can get em with Kahles/Circles/Trebles so your not stuck with JUST a treble hook..I've read here a few are using Loopers with DK Punch bait with great success, but I haven't tried it yet...

    I've fished Stink bait pretty much anyway there is to fish it... Slip Rig (carolina), Under a bobber, off a three-way, Drift rigged, etc etc..
    Under a bobber is pretty deadly in a pond or lake or if you can find slackwater in a river (little to no current).... Throw it out and let it sit..If there is a cat anywhere in the area, it should hit it..
    For Sonny's, I like to add regular veg oil to it.. Just enough to get it slurpy, about just a tad runnier than smooth peanut butter.. Seems to give a GREAT scent slick that way and improves the bite rate for me...