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    Record Texoma Catfish Passes Away

    ATHENS, Texas—Splash, former world record blue catfish, died Tuesday at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens at an unknown age.

    Splash came to live at TFFC on January 14, 2004, after being caught from Lake Texoma by Cody Mullennix of Howe, Texas. At 121.5 pounds, she was the largest blue catfish ever caught and held that record until a 124-pound fish was caught from the Mississippi River in 2005.

    Splash is still the Texas state record blue catfish.

    During her time at TFFC, Splash was responsible for a large increase in visitation. She was the star of the daily dive show during which she ate chicken, herring or mackerel from the diver’s hand.

    Splash was especially popular with children. On the first anniversary of her arrival at TFFC, nearly 800 people came to see her, and 133 children brought hand-made birthday cards. “You are my idol,” one said. Many others simply said, “I love you.”

    Splash will be missed by the staff members of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center and by untold numbers of people who regarded her as a very special fish. She is survived by thousands of descendants in Lake Texoma.

    A life-size replica of Splash is being prepared for display in the record fish area of TFFC, and her skeleton will be preserved for display as well.
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    Sad news, but good that her offspring swim in Texoma. Wanted to see her, too bad.

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    Sad story, but at least they are making a mount so people can see the size of this great fish.
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    I hate to hear that. Hopefully her in-laws are still in there. I would love to find one of them!
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    If I had told you 10-15 years ago that a catfish would become one of the premier attractions at a State Aquarium what would you have said?Splash is a true pioneer and one of the rarest fish ever in that a world record was kept alive for all to see.I can't think of any other world record that was afforded that honor.The world record Bass was eaten if I remember correctly and I'm sure some other records have been put on display just can't recall any.Hopefully records are released alive if possible.Think about this though as a catfisherman (woman) who else has made such an effort and captured the fishing worlds attention as the recent catfish records?Catfish are considered ugly fish and not even afforded game fish status in many states yet Splash captured the imagination of everyone that saw her.Think how disappointed we were when the current record died in transport.Do you think the new world record Golden Trout if one is caught will capture peoples imagination as Splash did?Not likely! Splash was beautiful, a veritable Queen of her species and I am personally glad she lived a regal and pampered life to the end.She epitomizes the little man, the ugly guy,the underdog that makes good.She represents all of us catfishers and she did it well,she brought recognition to our pursuit and generated envy because even a Bass fisherman could look at her and understand what awesome power she represented compared to a 10lb bass.She elevated all of us to a place we can only hope and dream of,that one day we would catch a fish just like her.She was the first but hopefully not the last.She is gone but lives on in all our dreams every time we cast out our lines.Thanks SPLASH!!!!!
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    Man what a bummer that Splash died and I never got around to seeing her. Also I think the two guys that fish for these trophy fish may come up with a winner again this next year. They did it two years in a row. Soooo who knows!
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    man that sucks. really wanted to see her
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    :crying:........ That does suck....... :crying:
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    I would have LOVED to have seen that fish! RIP Splash.