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    Hello everyone, I just got done watching Ted Nugent's Spirit of the Wild and this week he had Jim Zumbo on the show. It was a really interesting show. Jim Zumbo appologized for making his "Ban and Terrorist" comments several times on the show. What I thought was the most interesting was the way that the Nuge seized the moment. What I mean is Jim Zumbo basically became an outcast after his remarks to the world of Gun Owners. Then Ted Nugent instead of just writing him off, brings him on the show and exposes his iggnorance and basically gives Jim Zumbo his blessing after Jim Zumbo admits to making a mistake. Just thought it was awesome to see the Nuge turn a bad situation into a positive one for all of us 2nd ammendment loyalist's.
    Anyone who also may have seen this episode, Please post up your take on the show.

    Thanks to all who support my rights to bear arms,
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    My husband & I watched the show, also. I agree; Ted handled it with knowledge & class. He's really very educated..he just hides it well!! I'm sure Jim Zumbo appreciated the way it was handled. He was just misinformed; it's happened to everyone. I'm glad they straightened it out; they are both really outstanding spokesmen for the right to keep & bear arms, as well as helping us hunters preserve our rights. God bless Nugent, Jim Zumbo, & our incredible military forces for the constant fight against evil!! We love & respect you.

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    Didn't see the show,but followed the outcry about Zumbo.He apologized many times,thats good enough for me.