Spinning vs baitcasting reels

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by shadman65, May 22, 2007.

  1. shadman65

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    I am about to upgrade some equipment and I need to point out that Baitcasting has left me intangles whenever I tried baitcasting. But that was 20 to 30 years ago. I am thinking that the newer reels must be much better than I have ever used. I fish from shore and boat with 7' M or MH ugly sticks but ease of casting is important as I fish in tight brush and other structures, mostly on Arizona lakes....

    Based on what I know so far I am leaning toward the abu 6500 and the shimano baitrunners. I have read about the okuma spinning reels but have found nothing on the internet that references nikko. I have found okuma reels but wonder why I am not finding a specific reference to okuma nikko.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the okuma nikko, where I might find one as well as how it might compare with the shimano baitrunners.
  2. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Not sure about Nikko or what it is or stands for. It appears to be a city in Japan but I can find no reference to it with Okuma, other than one post on here back a few years ago. That member referenced that he had several Okuma's and the only bad one was one that also had the word "Nikko" on it. It does not appear to be a model number/name. Not sure what he was talking about. I have heard many folks mention they had Okuma's and not one in the bunch has had anything bad to say about them. I wouldn't worry about it.
    As far as spinning verses baitcasting, well now thats a different story. I can only tell you what I know. Many years ago when I was foolish (read bass fisherman), everybody tried to talk me into using a baitcaster. Every time I tried, the birdsnest appeared. They all told me to keep trying and it would eventually work it's way out. They told me it would be worth the effort and that once learned, I would never go back to anything else. Well, finally I gave in and forced myself to use one. It took a bit, but I did finally figure it out. I will never go back!!! Once learned, they are a marvel to use and accurate as any other reel. As for distance, under the same conditions, the baitcaster will cast further. Yeah, I know, some swear that a spinning outfit will cast further, and they will, providing you are outfitted for distance casting and could care less about fishing. As for rigging a fishing outfit, the baitcaster will cast further with an experienced person doing the casting. There are others here who can direct you better than I on how to cast with them and how to set them up. The point is, they are worth the effort.

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    Welcome to the BOC!, I like baitcasters better, they cast further, are stronger and weight less than a spinning reel that hold 20 lb test.
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    Baitcasters all the way. I'll give this an honest try. Once you have the reel mounted to the rod and filled with the line you are going to use. Run the line through the rod guides and tie on a 2 oz weight. Adjust the spool movement knob to tight. With your thumb on the spool, press the line release button. Slowly release the thumb pressure, allowing the line to flow off the spool. You will have to adjust the spool speed until the line will slowly come off the reel.Any time you change your weight or add a heavier baitfish, Just re adjust. Please note: During this adjusting method you are not doing any casting. Don't be afraid to adjust your spool speed a little tight. Once you get the feel you can back it off. This is long but I hope it helps someone. :big_smile:
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    I bought a spinning reel in 1987 and gave it away,I wanted to try one again 3-4 years ago and I gave it away also and I don't see how anyone can catfish with a toy reel.If I can't have a casting reel I would take a 33 Zebco over a spinning reel.Given a choise I'll take my 35 year old 209 Penn.

    Mickey you can't do that with a 209 Penn you have to train your thumb.
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    Shadman, I'm like you. Having to upgrade. I read lots of posts an the common thread says baitcast...I'm on a tight budget, an hadn't baitcasted in over 30 years, & that was surf fishing on the west coast. I learned to cuss listening to my dad try an use he's ol Penn Peerless No. 9. But I read the how to from the library an other posts. Saturday took out two ABU 6000's, brand new & spooled with cajun red 20#, one on an 8ft & one on a 10ft. & I had a blast. I used 1.5 oz weights. The ABU's are sweet & mind ya the 6000 is a single bearing reel. The biggest enlightenment I had was in keeping the line tight on the spool on the one I was float fishing. When I figured that out, no worries. The more I casted, the easier it was. I'm 55 & the eyes an reflexes are on the wane, so don't think you'll have any trouble at all. (I'm not selling nuthin, LOL)
  7. copycat

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    You can't really go wrong with the ABU. I have the Shimano Baitrunners and they are also good reels. The Abu reels cast smooth.
  8. Ghoulscout 13

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    for catfishing you almost definetly want to use baitcasting, they are just so much easier to use in my opinion. not to say that spinners dont have their place but for what your talking about i would say an abu 5000 should fit the bill, its one of the smaller ones avaliable but should still serve you well if your going for eatin size fish, if your going after huge ones i would suggest the 6000 or 6500. hope this helped you out
  9. rocket256

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    I agree. I got 4 ABU 6600c3. Also; I used to fish spinning reels because I didnt know how to use a baitcaster. But now Im all about baitcasters!:big_smile:
  10. peewee williams

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    .I have fished and seen people fish in many places for many kinds of fish.From hand lining to electric reels,each and every one has it;s place.We each judge and recommend based on our own experiences.I believe that no one knows it all,though some seem to believe that they do.I also believe that our abilities and skills change with time,age,experience,learning,abilities,and handicaps.Mine certainly have in my 50+ years of fishing.Coffee cans and hand carved reels have amazed me when in the hands of experts.I have also laughed at the comical routines of inexperienced know it alls with the reels themselves costing thousands of dollars.We may take our fishing serious,but we are all comical at one time or another.I know that I have been,and still am.Most of my efforts now are not only a challenge,but a joke as well.I believed in trying every method that I could afford.What works best for you in a given situation is the best rig to use at the time.I believe that there is no best,be it casting,spinning or any other.Now to get nearly every one riled,I believe that anyone who claims that one method is best,is basing their belief on their inexperience as well as their experience.As some have repeatedly stated,you cain;t learn to use a casting reel unless you are willing to dedicate the time and effort.This also goes for every other method of fishing,yet many make claims about the best with very limited knowledge and effort about the rest.They remind me of a 90 year old elderly gentleman who once told me that he had never been out of our real county.He claimed to "have seen and learned everything that he needed to know right here in Effingham County Georgia,and that there was not a single thing that that he needed to see and learn from somewhere else".There is no way to argue with folks who are that smart,so I never try.I do recommend that everyone try what they wish and can afford.I have been happy this way.Huge saltwater reels now seem to be the best for me due to my hand problems.I never imagined anything like this.If you ain;t happy with it,You got a piece of crap!I don;t care how manny others of us are happy with it!Be it a $5.00 or a $5.000 dollar reel,it is your treasure if it is what you can afford and,or it makes you happy.After talking to us all,you are the one who has to live with your decision.Never forget this!More fish are probably caught on closed face spinning reels than all other reels put together in this country.They have also caught some huge fish and records.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  11. DTro

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    I have used both extensively. In fact I'm currently using both. I change it up here and there. I have an Abu 6500 TC (Black) on a MH Surge and also a Cabelas Salt Striker 40 spinning (Same as Okuma Avenger 40) also on a MH Surge.

    For me it's all about the drag, any reel that has a good drag will bring in the biggest of fish. Once that drag is stripped or quits working, your are SOL.

    The one thing I actually like better about my spinning reel is the adjustable baitrunner, I can lock that down pretty tight in fast current. It's possible with the baitcaster, just a little more difficult.
  12. Bacardipr05

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    Spinning for me maybe when I retire I will take the time to figure out those baitcasters. I almost bought one when i first got into fishing but then my dad had said you know you cant cast far with those. I can cast a spinning rig a good 60 yards with my favorited rod. I recently pulled in a 30lb carp that was zipping around like crazy on a Shimano 4000 reel and have pulled in many of catfish with the same gear. ( no giant flathead yet though).