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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Catman 1964, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Catman 1964

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    New Mexico
    I am looking for suggestions for spinning rods. I fish the Rio Grande and various resorvoirs in New Mexico there are Flatheads in the Rio and channels in the Reservoirs.
  2. Rainman4u2

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    I would purchase a rod for the species that you are most likely to target. A 10' MH or H rod is overdoing it for eater channels, on the other hand, a 6' M rod may break on your first flattie. Of course you could purchase rods for both, and drive that significant other in your life nuts. :D


  3. the_nis

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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    I agree with Ray. It all depends on what size/type cats you're going for. I have different sized setups for whatever I am targeting that particular day.
  4. Bobpaul

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    Supply NC
  5. cathunter 472

    cathunter 472 New Member

    I would go with an uglystick catfish rod. You can still have fun reeling in small cats and be able to reel in bigger ones.
  6. rwbrown1

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    Tulsa, OK
    Here are some ideas. (mine, of course)
    I have just purchased three spinning rods that should cover just about anything I'm ever likely to encounter. I will use them (in various combinations) with a Shimano 4500 and an old Mitchell 306:

    1. A 9 foot ugly stick med. action single foot guides (channels, stripers and general messing around.) Small for larger 20lb.+ fish but "do-able".
    2. A 10 foot Cabelas King Kat (not a "Pro") for most bank fishing and non-flathead fishing.(although I'll bet it would work OK on most flatheads.
    3. A 9 foot Quantum "Big Cat". It should handle almost anything I can. (Lower section is like a telephone pole and built real nice.)

    All of these rods were very resonably priced and should do for my spinning arsenal. Now to work on the baitcasting gear.(maybe a Big Cat, or Ugly Stick Tiger and an Abu 7000?)