Spinning reels advantage over bait casters.

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    Many spinning reels and spin cast reels have a oscillating spool design that lays your line on in a crisscross design.This is one of the reasons that I like the Johnson Maxxum spin cast and the Okuma Coronado CD90 spinning reel.This keeps your line from burying itself in the spool when you have it heavy loaded,such as playing a large powerful fish.This is really handy with braided line.I also like the ease with which I can change out my spool on many spinning and some spin cast reels.This means that not only can I easily carry spare line already PROPERLY spooled,but any and as many different lines as I wish.This is one more thing that I like about Okuma,as I could and did order 3 aluminum spools for the price of one of the popular brands.I also like the bait feeder found on some spinning reels.I will admit that my conventional lever drag type reel,a Shimano Charter Special 2000 LD can be operated as a bait feeder with the best of them,has a great loud clicker and a unbelievable 33 lbs of advertised drag available.Now if it could just crisscross my line.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    GREAT INFO. PeeWee as ALWAYS.Thank You Sir. J.D.:big_smile:

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    Good info... at the rate I fish, I won't wear out what I already have...:smile2:

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    Keep eye on many, but thoughts on one.