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Spinning reel blues

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Ever get a loop on your spinning reel spool? Well, there it is you see it so you open your bail and start pulling out line. The more you pull generally the bigger the mess that starts to happen. If this has ever happened to you then you already know how frustrating it is. Here is a way to remove that loop without the mess.(TRY IT! IT WORKS!)

Do not open the bail, instead adjust your drag so you can pull line out of the reel under some tension. Keep pulling the line untill the loop disappears. The loop comes out and there is no tangled line to deal with.
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IMO, the best way to fix that problem is to remove the mono and put on braided superline. I've got some 20# test with only a 6# diameter on a regular spinning rod, and it works MUCH better than the 10# mono I had on it before. It's nice and limp, with absolutely no memory, plus you get a really strong line with the casting advantages of small diameter.
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