Spinning reel blues

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by hookeye, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. hookeye

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    Ever get a loop on your spinning reel spool? Well, there it is you see it so you open your bail and start pulling out line. The more you pull generally the bigger the mess that starts to happen. If this has ever happened to you then you already know how frustrating it is. Here is a way to remove that loop without the mess.(TRY IT! IT WORKS!)

    Do not open the bail, instead adjust your drag so you can pull line out of the reel under some tension. Keep pulling the line untill the loop disappears. The loop comes out and there is no tangled line to deal with.
  2. Catbird

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    Fayetteville, Ohio
    I use a version of that method also. I thumb the spool while pulling out line. That helps also.

  3. joesf

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    If you want to prevent these loops always reel line between index finger and thumb with a little pressure on the line.

    I also stretch my line periodically hook the terminal tackle to a tree and walk off all of the line an re spool it using the same method to keep pressure on the line.

    One other tip is to keep a can of Reel Magic in your tackle box and spray line down with it.

    If all these things are done and your still having problems try changing the line out.

    It probably has built up to much memory.

    If your using braided line you will have less problems with memory and you can flip the line using the stretch the line process.

    Cut the line from the spool and terminal tackle and tie them on the opposite sides and re spool.
  4. bill_gfish

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    I just pop the spool off, turn over and pull line from bottom, doesn't keep re-looping and is undone in seconds. Takes a little more effort with front drag though.
  5. WylieCat

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    I knew there was a reason I only use baitcasters!! LOL!! Just kidding, a backlash is a much bigger problem!!

    On a serious note, how are spinning reels for bigger cats? I have one spinner reel on a 6 1/2 foot rod and have caught cats in the six pound range, but nothing really huge. I would assume since they catch 40-50 pound saltwater fish then they would work well.
  6. Bacardipr05

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    I usually set the drag low and just pull the line slowly until all the loops are gone. Sometimes I cut that part out all together. If this happens alot time to change the line or using inferior fishing line. Another problem is if the line wasnt spooled right to begin with. I constantly catch channels and the very occasional (actually 2) carp with spinning reels Wylie. My biggest catch was some type of stingray off the jersey shore a few years back. I often wondered myself how my reels hold up under a 30lb+ fish. I dont think it would be a matter of the reel failing on the fight my biggest concern is once the fight is over is "dragging" the fish in. I say this because i often had struggled w catties on or around the 20lb range. Once the fight is "over" (use this term lightly) is winching this 20lb+ mass up. Even so i only use spinning reels because its all i know and baitcasters seem like a headache to me ;)
  7. jtrew

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    IMO, the best way to fix that problem is to remove the mono and put on braided superline. I've got some 20# test with only a 6# diameter on a regular spinning rod, and it works MUCH better than the 10# mono I had on it before. It's nice and limp, with absolutely no memory, plus you get a really strong line with the casting advantages of small diameter.
  8. JAYNC

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    I use Shimano Baitrunner reels exclusively, and berkely big game line and I never have a problem with the line tangling. They have a really good roller on the bail and it keeps the line straight.
  9. Whistler

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    I agree completely with Jtrew. Braided line solved what few problems I've had with mono on spinning reels, which is about all I ever used til lately. One more tip though. If your drag is turning while you are reeling, your line is twisting. That can cause a ton of line twist problems.
  10. paleocaver

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    To get rid of line twist:

    In a boat, take off all tackle and let the line feed out behind the boat while you idle along. Reel it in and the twist is gone.
  11. vlparrish

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    I spool my spinning reels with cheap mono and do not seem to have much problem with line twist, although when first loading the spool I drop the new line in a bucket of water. This seems to lubricate the line and lets the new spool spin naturally.
  12. danyelle

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    99% of the time the loop is in line that has been casted out, so i just cast as far out as i can and the loop usually comes right out . of coarse when you are reeling it back in and come to the loop you need to pull it tight so it goes back on the spool right