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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by roh1961, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. roh1961

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    I have a couple of Okuma EB80 reels that are great, except for the fact that the bait clickers are very quiet and get more quiet as you increase tension for the current. Does anyone have another spinning reel that has a more audible clicker. I am thinking on getting a couple of Shimano 6500B reels but not if they don't resolve this problem. I might have to get a high dollar salt water reel to get a louder clicker.
  2. smoke

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    i was woundering the same thing.. i would be interested in it if there are some that are louder...I have swithed and only use a baitcaster now and they are great.. It is kinda hard to get used to at first but once you get it they are nice...


    DELLIS New Member

    there is no loud clicker to spinning reels that i am aware of have looked for them and have been told due to the disgn they can't get them very loud
  4. wolfman

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    I have a Shimano baitrunner 6500, which the clicker is ok but wished it was louder like my Shimano AX500 spinning reel. The AX500 reel is the loudest that I have heard so far, but it doesnt have the baitrunner feature. I bought the AX500 new back in 2004 and the clicker is just as loud today as it was when new. Not sure if Shimano still carries this model.
  5. s_man

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    The 6500Bs have the same problem. They just aren't very loud. Now in a boat at night they can be heard. On the bank if you want to set them up 100 yrds from you you'll be dissapointed. They also seem to be louder with the tension in about the middle. When you take one apart to clean it the clicker is just a 1/8 inch strip of plastic rubbing on a plastic tooth gear. They are fine for up close but you can't stray far away. Other than that they are great for what they do, plus they can handle any size fish with ease. I have two and I love them.
  6. laidbck111

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    Spinning reels with the loudest clicker that I know of is the Daiwa 5050 Sealine Spinning reel. It is about as loud as a Abu 6000. With adjustable freespool setting. I have two of them. I use them as much as my baitcast reels and like them a lot. I have never had a problem with them not handling fish.