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Spinning for Channels in Ponds

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This is a setup for catching catfish in ponds... using spinning tackle!

Rod- Channels in ponds don't get as big as one in lakes or rivers, so a lighter rod is needed. I recommend an Ugly Stik with medium (or for more fun, medium light) action.

Reel- I recommend a spinning reel that can hold about 120 or more 8# tested line.

Line- Get high quality line like Stren, Berkley, or Spiderwire. 8# tested. You can use mono, but I use braid.

Hooks and sinkers- Again, get high quality hooks. like Eagle Claw or Mustad. Sharpen regulary! The type of hook to use depends on your bait, I will mention that later. As for sinkers, i use heavy sliders normally use for deep bass fishing.

Bait- Along with bait, I'll tell the type recommended. Channels gave the theory to catfish that any species of catfish will bite anything (of course, thoughs who fish for flatheads and blues, know this is not true).

Chicken Livers=hook sizes 3/0 to 5/0. Bass Pro Shops made a special type of hook for livers, but if you dont live near Bass Pro Shops, Baitholders will do. Stillfish close to bottom, not on.

Doughballs= At Wallyworld, They have a special type of hook that has a spring around it. Just mold the doughballs into place on the hook. Usually, I stillfish these, but i had success receiving them very slowly.

Cut Bluegill/bream= A size 3/0 hook works well. Hook through both lips and retrieve slowly at the bottom.

Good luck!
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Good advice thanks for sharing.......
Good advice, I fished last summer and the channel cats wouldn't bother the bait until I moved it a bit.
Thanks for the great advice!
Now thats a nice set up, that will get the job done. :big_smile:
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