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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by IA Flatcatter, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. IA Flatcatter

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    SE IA. on the skunk river
    I installed a spin on water separtaing fuel filter this last summer.
    Should I take it off and drain for the winter? If water is in it might it possibly freeze and break? I do run Sea Foam in the fuel all the time. What do you think?
    I think all outboards should have one of these type filters installed, it would solve and prevent many of the common ailments outboads have... my two pennies worth any way.:roll_eyes:
  2. restorerancientiron

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    Cadiz, KY
    I just installed one on mine rig this fall.I am planning on replacement after every six months as per the instructions.I would not think that it would freeze and crack but draining it would be a safe measure I would think.Also the stabil marine forumula is great for the ethanol gas we have to deal with.I use it and the seafoam as they are for different things.
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  3. gilmafam

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    I have one on my NorthRiver boat... came stock with the boat... we all should keep in mind to change or drain it regularly... I have to lay down to get to mine... but it is part of the things to do to keep the engine in top shape... Need to add the "Stabil" as well.

    Happy Holidays. Bayrunner Ray
  4. Bobpaul

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    Supply NC
    I've seen both water and oil filters rust out and spill their contents into the boat.

    Change them out regularly.