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  1. stinkbaitjunkie

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    Ok, how can you fish with shad or cutbait and not catch Gar in a spillway? Is it possible. I know there are big catfish there I just cant catch them for all of the Gar. I fish where the water comes out from the dam and in the rocks. Also, is there any type of weights or a way to rig them up to not get tangled in the rocks? Anyway other than the sacrifice method? Thanks for the help.
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    idk about how to not catch the gar i dont have a problem with them were i fish cuz there are none in there. but a good way to rig is with a slip float and find out about how deep the tops of the boulders or the cover is and set ur float to were ur bait floats right above the rocks thats how i do it any way.hope this helps.

  3. tncatfishing

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    Set out a bunch of poles, your bound to get a cat on one of them. Also what time are you fishing, most of the gars I have caught have been during the day and not the night time hours. A flexible weight would help with the snags, as will a slip float.
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    I don't know how to help you with the gar problem because they aren't in anything that I fish. But a pretty productive way to fish spillways with cutbait is to drift it under a slip float. If there water isn't too deep or you have a boat, what I like to do is cast towards the spillway and let it drift back to you, continuously reel the line in while its coming back towards you so you don't have all that slack and you have a good hook set when that bobber goes under. The other way I usually fish spillways is fishing from right below the spillway on the bottom or near the bottom letting it drift from the spillway downstream.
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    For everything that is good in this world, there is an opposing item that is bad. Catfish, being one of the good things, and having to put up with gar is the bad thing. You pretty much should resign yourself to catching gar at a tailwater. They always seem to beat the catfish to the bait. You may want to take a light pole and fish exclusively for gar. Throw them on the bank as you catch them, if your state laws allow you to do so. Try to get on the good side of nature by saying..."man, look at the size of this thing". It won't help you catch catfish, but it may stop you from getting as irritated. LOL
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    You just have to try your luck really there is no other way. Gar are part of the river systems and will be caught from time to time. Cutbait works good for catfish though, I have caught many cats on it.

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    I've actually heard of guys eating gar. Give it a shot, you may be suprised. Regardless, just catch em and have fun with it. If you think about it it's better to be catching gar that you hate then to be catching nothing at all.

    by the way, if you decide to eat some gar meat then do your best to fillet them, run cold water over the fillets and let them sit in the cold water for a bit. The fillets are gonna come apart real easily so role the fillets into a bunch of little balls, throw em in some batter and flatten em. you can either freeze them for later or begin frying. I heard its good stuff. Thats just what I heard though :cool2: