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    Strange words for a catfishing message board, isn't it? But, that is the way catfishing is in the early spring. Hot one day and cold the next. Has it happen to you lately or in the past, you bet it has. For what it is worth, that is not what is really happening to the bite. We expect an early morning bite but, the catfish don't know that. They might want to feed at 10:00 AM or 10:45 AM or they want to bite between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM. They are not like us, whereby we eat breakfast at 6 AM, lunch at high noon and supper at 6 PM or so. If you will watch the good bite, you will find that it is an hour later every day. This applies to day time and night time fishing. This past week, WylieCat and Mudkip found this premise to be on target . People on the East Coast know this premise by the tides. The lunar tables can be a great help in figuring out the best bite hour. Major high presure and low presure plays into this premise and can throw it off somewhat as can a major front developing. To be successful, we have to try and figure this out and you can do this by keeping a written diary of your fishing trip. Items you need to record would be the barometer readings, clouds or lack of clouds, blues skies, water temp., wind and wind direction, where you fished, water depth, bait, type of hook, etc. Don't forget to use your GPS to mark where the bite was good or where you had major hang ups. The tools to make us a better fisherperson are out there, we just need to make better use of them. BE CAREFUL OUT THAR, WE NEED YOU AND YOUR FAMILY NEEDS YOU.
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    Great words of wisdom LKNB.

    March weather is very fickle. We have had some really nice warm days and relatively warm nights. Some cooler days, some rain, and cooler nights will have and affect on the fish.

    Will that provide some lockjaw for the cats? Who knows. The bottom line is that everyone is fishing the same lake and the same conditions, so whoever adapts best comes out ahead.

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    Excellent post. I am moving to Goldsboro next January and cannot wait until catfishing season, 2008. All the news I can get about catfishing in N.C. is a plus.
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    Your in luck!! all the information you need is here and catfish season in 2008 starts on Jan. 1. :big_smile: