Spend a dollar to save a dime, two if you can help it

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    Ithaca, MI
    "never put off till tomorrow what you can do today"

    A very wise quote, indeed.

    So why do I have to say THIS for myself today?

    Because LITERALLY.... not spending a dime 2 years ago cost me many many many dimes today.

    I have a garden tractor. When I got it two years ago I needed to spread some dirt around so to add to my traction, I put on the wheel weights that came with the tractor. Each wheel weight has 2 bolts that connect it to the wheel well. I had the 4 bolts I needed but was missing one nut and one washer... so I used a crappy old mostly-rusted part that I found in the bottom of my "washer and nut" bin in my garage.

    Last month the nut and washer finally ate through the bolt, causing it to pop out, grab the tire chain, kink the heck out of that, and then shift and cut a notch in the valve stem of the tire, flattening it. And just in time for the snow fall!!!!
    I had to cut a band off my tire chain... a loss I am not calculating into my total. I removed the chain (using my bolt cutters to cut the quick links off)

    Cost of 2 new quick links--- $2.14

    With the chain off (minus one band), I finally got to the bolts that caused the problem. I fought with them for 40 minutes and finally got them off, but the one I jerry-rigged was a total loss, and the other one was bent so that was a loss too.

    Cost of new wheel weight bolts--- $9.99
    proper nuts, lock washers, and washers $2.08

    FInally with the wheel weight off I needed to pop off the tire and take it in to get a new valve stem put in. I torqued the living heck out of the bolts using a rachet and even a piece of black pipe for extra strength. Even with my wife standing on the tractor I was able to leg press the both of them, but not break a single lug bolts free. There were 5 of them.

    I broke my deep 5/8 socket--- $2.04

    I bought a can of penetrating oil for the lugs--- $3.96

    For 2 weeks I beat on these lugs for 20 minutes or so a night trying to get them to break.

    Finally yesterday I went to Lowes and got an air wrench cause I was sick of busting my knuckles.

    Air wrench kit with fittings- $99.80

    In a matter of seconds I had the tire off. I took the tire to the local place to get the valve stem replaced.

    Cost of new valve stem and cleanup on the rim--- $9.12

    Total cost of 2 years of doing nothing to fix a 9 cent part, today? $129.13
    :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

    Oh if I had only listened to my conscience back then!!!

    On the bright side, I do have an air wrench now. LOL

    Lets see what else I can screw up trying to reasemble it tonight! ROTFL
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    Been there, done that. LOL, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure----- When will we ever learn? I feel your pain brother!!!:0a14:

  3. 1sporticus

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    I learned long ago what you are finding out now. This kind of thing always comes back to haunt you at the most incovenient times. The only thing I can tell you is what my Dad used to say. Pull your head out of your a__ and did you learn anything. Later Andy
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    Sarver, Pa
    I too have been down that same path!:crazy: :sad2: :eek:oooh:
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    Most lessons on what we should have done come with a high price.
    I have paid the price many times myself.
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    you are sounding alot like my dad.