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    I know there are many trappers who have families, work full-time, and have other obligations that require their time. I have read alot of different posts where a trapper can blast in a set in a couple of minutes & be on to the next one....same with skinning. A muskrat in 30-60 seconds, lol....there's even a video called "The 2-Minute Coyote".

    My life isn't "structured" like those mentioned above. I enjoy taking my time, enjoying the outdoors, and not feeling like I have to rush. To me, that would take alot of the enjoyment out of it (and I'm not knocking those who do). Same with putting-up fur. Come trapping season, my day usually begins (with breakfast & coffee) around 4:00AM, I'm out the door in an hour or so, and skinning can very-well run 'till midnight. I'm up at the same time the following morning to start all over again.

    Could I do it quicker? Sure I could.......just never saw the need for it.

    Do you bang-out sets with the speed of light.....or do you like to take in the scenery along the way?

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    223, I can do it either way, but my favorite is to look. I don’t really take in the scenery as much as I look a set over good and find where and how I want to make that set. I love looking at trails, track, and what every evidence they leave behind for me. I like to take my time and make sure the set is the way I want it. My favorite set is a blind set. You have to know where he is going to step before he gets there. Any time I can make a blind trail set I do. I like catching and animal where most people would over look. No one knows but me, but, it makes me feel good to out smart a smart animal. I have ran and gunned before, and you are right it takes the fun out of it. I will gang set that is for sure, but I think a man can make fewer quality set and catch as much as a person who goes wide open.

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    I have, and still do , both ways, for one reason or another, Its like work when you go fast, and has some merit. but to enjoy, is to put the set in, and see everything and make it work , I enjoy just being out, but catching makes it ,more fun. Ive enjoyed short lines more than long ones .
    I get tunnel vision when Iam going hard on trapping. use to go from daylight to 7 pm, and skin every 3 day,(In winter) now 2 pm and skin every day or every other day, putting fur up isn't my expertise, Ill let some one else do that and Ill set a few more traps, wonder what around the next bend.
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    hey I have heard of speed dating, is that simular, spread the traps around and see who traps who?:confused2:

    I must be using the wrong lures:angry:
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    I've done it both ways, and like Jim says, both has its merits. For the last 8 years running, Me and my wife have ran a river line on the red river here in north louisiana. We have a camp on an island that we stay at for a week to 10 days each winter. This past year Tony joined us and it was a sure nuff blast. We go pretty hard and catch quite a few critters, but we still slow down long enough to enjoy it.

    This past February my wife Carmen, Tony, and myself ran a 100 mile roadline for 14 days. We were wide open from can to can't every day. It was one of the most memorable traplines I have ever experienced. We caught 130 somethin' coons, 80 or so beaver, a couple dozen nutria, 20 otter, half a dozen cats, 2 yotes, 3 fox, 4 mink, a couple skunks, and a dumptruck load of grinners. There wasn't a lot of time everyday for sightseeing. We were all 3 dragging by the time we climbed into bed everynight. But I wouldn't have changed anything about it.

    I'm now working overseas on a 28 on 28 off schedule. This year I'll only have the openning week of trapping season before I leave for a month. Me and Carmen are gona go spend the week before trapping season opens at the camp. Each day we'll be making sets and enjoying the camping. By openning day I intend to have at least 200 traps wired out and ready to open up. We are gona come to the house the day before the season opens. We'll be at the river at daylight and runem' till we are finished. Then its to Tony's and the real work starts. We are planning to trap for 5 nights only. I've set myself some pretty high goals for this 5 day line. We'll just have to see what the final tally is when we all get finished.

    So we are gona have a real relaxed week of camping and setting traps with plenty of time to enjoy the view and set around the campfire at night. The second week it will be wide open!! I'm looking forward to it all!!
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    For me it depends if I am working my other job that day or not. If I am working then it is speed trapping it is a day I have off I tend to spend a little more time menadering around.
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    since i've been in college i use my entire thanksgiving and Christmas breaks solely to stay in my cabin(often by myself) and trap from sun up to sun down. i have tried to speed trap before class, but i have just come to the conclusion that u just cant rush perfection:lol: !
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    i take in as much of the wild as i can. then this stupid cell phone goes off.
    usually the wife wanting to know when ill be home. but this year i have no babies going threw heart surgery, and I've made it clear that i want as many traps out this year as i can get. so i'm going to take it a little slower take my time with my sets and if it takes me 2 weeks to get as many as i can then so be it.