Speckled Trout Story

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    The day started out slow,we wasn't catching anything.Little fish was eating all of our bait and we were running out of bait. Just a few minutes later we only had one shrimp left(our last chance).I put the shrimp on the hook and casted it out. But sothing took the bait,i reeled it in and it was just a bream. I got to thinking and i desided to use it as bait. I through it out and right when i did my grandfather said,''If something takes that its going to be big.'' When he got the last word out,something took the bait and bent my rod over. It took about 7 minutes to get him in,but when my grandfather was trying get the net under him,he was shaking from being nervice.I thought i was going to lose the spec,but my grandfather finaly got the net under him and put him in the boat. Right when he put him in the boat he got off the hook(relief that it didn't happen in the water).How is that for a story?Let me hear some of yalls fishing stories.
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    I had a trotline set out that I had been fishing for several days. Had an emergency and was unable to get back to the line for three days. When I was about 100 yards away I noticed something floating where my line was in the water. Pulled up to a 25lb spoonbill catfish that had died on my line. Was sick about what happened but had no control over the emergency.