Specifications for the Ugly Stik Tiger Rod

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    I'm getting a custom rod made, and I want to replicate the butt style, width, etc. of the '7"0 Tiger Rod. Does anyone know of a place where I get these exact measurements online? A PM or a reply would be amazing. :tounge_out:
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    I don't know where you can find the exact measurements, but I do have one of these rods. I'd be more than glad to try to take some measurements if that would help you. I really like the feel of that pole.

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    The rod itself will tell you all you need to know.

    example Mine says,

    BWC/AO 2201 - 7' 0" (2. 23M) - Action: Medium - (20-50 Lb. Line)

    " Blank # " ------ Lenght ---- - -- Power-Medium--- - 20-50lb line class.

    By hooking it to the buck and applying pressure allowing the blank to flex, I would say the blank is Moderate in ACTION.

    So what you would be looking for would be a,

    Blank that rates as- 7'-Medium= Power - Moderate= Action .

    Lure weight anywhere from 2-6 and up.

    Whoever is building your rod ?? Let him know what rod you have and the rateings on the blank, and the measurements of your handle and lenghts.
    He can or should be able to build you a close to exact replica of your rod. Give or take a guide to compensate for the different blank. JMHO.:wink:
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