Species Specific Current Preference flathead catfish

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    ok, it seems to me that these fish have a very specific preferece of current speed. as interesting as it is, it seems that when the current in some areas gets realy realy fast only channels move thru. and they(flats) stay or move into slightly slower streaches. on the contrast when the entire river slowes down they may move into the fastest current streaches. anyone done or no of any systematic research done on current preferences for these fish????
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    It's a little different situation for me, becuase I fish tidewater. I suspect that my fastest water (hard running ebb tide) is still not all that fast compared to some other rivers at good flow, but I have caught flatheads in the fastest water I can find in the river. On the other hand, there's a wierd thing that happens now and then where the river goes completely still (when the river discharge is pretty good and you have a flood tide running against that - the currnet does not move and the water level just rises for a few hours) and then the fish don't seem to bite at all - until the tide turns and you get some moving water again.

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    Just because the water is moving fast on top doesnt always mean its moving fast near the bottom. I have seen fish caught out of some very fast water but I think targeting the seams along the sides of the fast water is a better choice.
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    great observation ,stephen!
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    I have to agree with Rob, my best luck has come fishing slack water next to faster water or places where some sort of structure alters the flow or creates a still pocket in the water. Those are good spots for predators to ambush their prey.
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    compleate slack water or Slower water? i have yet to find a good Stagnant water pattern.

    I Agree. this sounds like fishing a hole situation. in fast current parts of the hole probably are under different flow rates.

    my particular interest in this post is for example to compare current rates at different sections of a river as it bends sharply, or as a result of a large bar or rock current block. in smaller current blocks it might be simply a rock with a spot that is slack, and a main edge that forms with the current break, perhaps a slight reverse current. but on larger formations , like for instance large bars, there seems to be a gradiation of current speeds, and in the extreame case of a sharp bend (with possible increased flow rate) and a bar in the bend, then even more differrences in currents might be possible. It realy seems to me that there is a prefered position in these varying current rates, and understanding that might sugest a particular primary focus spot and secondary spots as well. sure fish will roam around back and forth too some extent, but a preference(current speed) if it is established would be key especialy in featureless rivers.
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    that is very interesting situation you got there. reminds me allitle of fishing close to the dam, when they start taking water to raise the lock(to move boats thru the dam-locks), then the river can raise-lower-or just stop flowing, it will even start reversing in some spots for a short period of time. in the areas very close to the dam, all the fish that were in very specific spots in the river will suddenly all start moving around as the waters change directions, and will take some time to re-establish themselfs in their particular eddies again. ...very intersting spot y got.