Special story with a fishing buddy

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    I would like other to post about a special time fishing with someone who was or is special to you. I will start. It was with my dad and I was 12 or 13 to many years ago:smile2:. But we were on a river up by Clarance Mo. The bank was high with a flat shelf before you got to the river. Dad was fishing on the high bank and I was on the shelf. We were catching some channels that day. I looked up and saw dads line about a foot to my right. Well I looked at dad and he was about half asleep. I grabbed his line bent his pole and hollard dad you got one. He woke up and just about fell off the bank getting his rod and of course nothing was there. He looked down at me and I was rolling laughing hard. We laughed for quite a while after that. I can't remember how many times I heard him tell that story and he laughed just as hard as when it happened. Dad is missed by everyone knew him. I will always remember that trip. I know this is in the wrong place but dont know how to move it to Mo. talk. If someone does please do so. I just didnt want to re-wright it. Please post up on the stories.

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    Times like that are never forgotten. Thanks for the story!!

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    hmmm that trick sounds familure for some reason:confused2:. oh wait maybe cause you did it to me a few years back fishin on the river:smile2: