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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Cattoo, Aug 7, 2006.

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    the post about safe fish in the missouri river got me thinking. i just remembered something i was made aware of at one of our BOC get togethers here in ky a few months back. we were on the topic of commercial fishing because cletus was there, he is a commercial fisherman. i always give him a hard time but he is a pretty good guy. anyway somebody was talking about fishing in the ohio river( i believe it was D.H.) and cletus started talking about all the fish he catches in the river and i told him i thought commercial fishing was banned on the ohio due to consumption advisories and all. and he said that was not true. he said that was not regulated. he said the government or whatever agency governs that sort of thing has no way of regulating what body of water their catch comes from. soooo... what you have is a consumption advisory for the general public but commercial guys can fish the same water and sell their catch to a restuarant that YOU could eat at everyday and never know there was any kind of warning whatsoever on the food you were consuming. how does that grab ya?
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    That's government for ya.

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    Sounds like Cletus needs to learn how to read again. If he reads the Regs from a lot of waters theres plenty of them that they can't fish .
    Just like Below Pickwick dam here in Tn around 1970 you could not sell fish for the Mercury.
    Parts of the Ms river is also shut down for him.
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    Even if it was legal it sure isn't ethical. I could never catch dangerous fish and sell them to people knowing how it could affect them.
  5. I think this is why all of us here like to fish on our own so we know what we are eating. Makes me think back to all the times I ate fish in a restaurant somewhere and never really wondered where they caught it.
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    that aint right if you ask me but i dont eat enough fish to hurt me anyway.