Spawning habits?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by uapipefitter, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. uapipefitter

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    Hey fellow catters, need some info on channel cat spawning habits. Growing up bluegill and bass fishing my entire life up here in michigan,I have their spawning habits down, but I have no idea about channel cats. As I'm watching the snow finally melt I'm getting the itch. Are typical locations better than others, typical water temps, and Is this the best time of the year to fish for them like gills and bass. thanks fishing family,trent
  2. kat in the hat

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    Catfish are harder to catch during the spawn. At least in my opinion. In Mo. spawn happens in late june and early july. The bite heats up real good right after they spawn.

  3. Baitkiller

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    Akron, Ohio

    95% of the time, I only target Channels is in their pre-spawn run in mid-May to Mid-June. The spot is @ a spillway when the water is abit high and the bigger Channels come up to feed on the Shad. Sometimes get over 80 LB of fish in a few hrs. I do release most if not all of them.

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    I agree with bait killer. Our spawn here in Indiana is usually late June early July. You will know when it is on because the only bites you will get mostly are from fish 6 to 10 inches. But try to get out prespawn May and June. I too have a @ spot that I caught 19 channels and my buddy caught 18 out of in three hours last year. " Yes the river was rising," but that being said the smallest one was 2 1/4 lbs. we kept ten for a fish fry. But that being said pre spawn is the time to go.
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    Catfish tend to look for structure when they spawn. Usually rocky areas are prime, but sometimes they can be found spawning in drifts and woody structure. The best time to target cats is prespawn, cause they are feeding heavy for nesting. I like to target channels around drifts and woody structure on the river along the banks. Use cut shad and put it as close to the structure as you can get it. You can usually count any stump on the Ohio river for one or two channel cats in April and May on sunny days. Vern