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  1. Marshall

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    I was doing a search on catfish spawning and it brought up Bass Pro.Com about Understanding Catfish. It states that "Channel and blue catfish spawn at 70-84 degrees F, but 80-81 degrees is considered best. Flatheads spawn at 66-75 degrees". I was wondering if this was true, because the lake I fish is 80-84 degrees everywhere Ive fished. Do they spawn in deeper cooler water or what? Also I thought the Flathead was the last to spawn? Im just a little confused here. Any help is appreciated!
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    That 66 is the lowest I've seen for Flatheads but otherwise on the Flats u r right. 73-74 is what I've always seen for the bottem temp.

    I too would like to know the depth they will use to spawn or is there an average or something????????????


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    Sounds pretty close to, although I have experienced the spawn with much lower water temps. I would guess it depends on the region in which you are fishing. As a general rule, anything over 70 degrees is going to kick off the spawn