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    posting in Mo since it gets more activity than the iowa threads...

    Are there any wildlife biologists out there who can tell me more about the spawn?

    Memorial Day, a couple of us went out fishing. Caught about a dozen channels drifting on Coralville Res. and 3 of them were obnoxiously fat-headed males. Their heads and lips were really big, almost swollen looking, and they were nearly black in color. From what I've been told and what I've read, I surmise that these are spawning males.

    A few nights later, I went fishing again. Once again, we were drifting on Coralville (with trolling motor as the wind and the current fought the boat to a standstill). We caught several nice channels though no males of note this time. I did catch one exceptionally long-looking 4-5 lber. We both commented on how long the fish looked. It didn't dawn on me till later that this was probably a female that had dropped her eggs.

    Went out last night for just an hour or so. Caught 3 nice ones from 3 to 5 lbs that had no eggs. What I want to know is...when will the big post-spawn feed happen? Is it happening now? Do the females go on a feeding frenzy immediately after dropping their eggs or do they play nice and wait for the males to get off the nest so they can all pig out together? I'm just curious. By the way, all fish described above were released.
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    There is a thread from the Kentucky forum might answer some of your questions. Tried to put the link in this post but it won't let me.:embarassed: :roll_eyes: :big_smile: