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    I haven't been out fishing for a couple of weeks due to a monster case of poison ivy. Weather hasn't been the greatest anyway. I finally got out this weekend, went to my good fishing hole, and was trying out Secret 7 dip bait that I ordered from Team Catfish along with the favorite Sonny's dip bait. I caught one fish, 16", on the Secret 7, but it was a funny color. I can't tell you what color it was because I am color-blind, I just know it didn't look normal. It was also very very fat. I fished for 2 more hours in the morning without even a bite, and went out to another good spot in the evening for 2 full hours more without a bite on either bait, not normal for that lake. The fish was as full of eggs as I have ever seen a fish before when I cleaned it, about to burst. The stomach was pretty empty, and there were so many eggs that there wasn't much room in the gut cavity for anything else. I believe my fishing was slowed by the spawn at Sessions Lake, which I believe is going on now. I need to read up on the spawn and how it effects the fishing (other than the slow bite), and how long it lasts.
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    Its funny that you bring this up as we were at the backwater on the Big Manistee for the three day weekend and never caught a single cat. The week before we did real well. We did notice that the fish were full of eggs and like you said about to burst. There were eight or nine of us fishing for cats, northerns, smallmouth bass etc and the fishing was just simply terrible. The high pressure and cold front shut the fishing down. We all talked about the catfishing and agreed that they are probably spawning. In my tiny mind I would think they would have already spawned by now but I have to confess I do not have a lot of knowledge about cats. I think my next situation will be determining where they go when the water gets warm. The surface temperature was 67 to 69 degrees and with the heat to come I wonder if they change locations and if so where are they likely to go? Oh well, I guess this is part of the fun of fishing. One last item, one of the guys (two weeks ago) saved some of the catfish spawn and tied it into spawn bags and used it for bait and caught a nice cat on it. Unfortunately I didn't know this and threw mine away.